Welcome at EnerVive

As a parent, you want the best start for your child and yourself! That's why EnerVive offers bi-lingual parent-child classes for baby's and toddlers. Do you have an active baby or toddler? The most significant motor development takes place in the first years of life. A lot of varied exercises are essential for future growth. By taking classes in a group, your little one will develop crucial motor and social skills. 


Did you give birth, and do you need help to recover? In MamaVive lessons, we pay attention to breathing and strengthening core muscles. We also do fun exercises with the babies that you can easily do at home. 


EnerVive lessons are given at various locations in Son & Breugel and Nederwetten. Experience it yourself and come and join in!

About me

My name is Vivian Verstraelen and together with Rob, parents of Enora and Louis. After graduating as a physical education teacher, I have specialized in the (motor) skill development of babies and young children for the past 17 years. Using a qualitative, educational program for both the child and the parent, I have been able to teach hundreds of happy faces every week. I am trained to offer exercise material that suits the age and development of the young child. I like to show parents what is possible when you move together and enjoy it! 

I am also a pre- and postnatal (personal) trainer and help train pregnant women and women who have given birth to work on their recovery. 

What I can offer you


Are you ready to start moving again after giving birth? And would you like to do this with your baby? Then the MamaVive lessons are what you are looking for.  From 6 weeks after the delivery, you can start a class based on Yoga and Pilates together with a group of enthusiastic other moms. The focus is on (restoring) the muscles in the core and the rest of the body. It is a moderately intensive class of 45 minutes. Babies are present, and there is room to feed or take a break from the activity if your baby needs it. There are also several exercises for the babies that you can do at home. The MamaVive classes are given at LEIN Vrouwenzorg in Son en Breugel.


In the following months, babies become more and more active, and the world opens up for them. We take the babies on a journey of discovery, using their senses through sensory integration. This class is recommended for babies who can sit up by themselves and can already move or pull themselves up a little. Nice to know: dads love this class with their baby too! BabyVive lessons are given on Tuesday and Friday at LEIN Vrouwenzorg in Son en Breugel. 


Your toddler's world is getting bigger every day, and discovering it doesn't just happen safely, close to mummy or daddy. They are crawling, climbing, throwing, balancing, rolling. Everything happens by trial and error. The basic skills that your child needs at home or outside in the playground are offered at DreumesVive. By allowing your little one to experience self-confidence with movement forms, they will constantly seek new challenges and learn from them! The class program offers parents educational information about the child's development and a nice place to make social contacts with peers. The DreumesVive classes are held on Friday at LEIN Vrouwenzorg in and Saturdays in Gymzaal de Koppelaar in Nederwetten.


No, I can do that myself! This is not always easy or pleasant, but it is vital during your toddler's development. Independence, wanting to solve problems independently, being curious and having lots of energy are all part of this phase. During the lessons of PeuterVive, we take on the challenge of learning new movement patterns, working together and developing listening skills. All this, while mum or dad stay close by, but sometimes also take a step back. PeuterVive lessons are given on Saturday and Sunday mornings in Gymzaal de Koppelaar in Nederwetten.


If you would like to have a personal session one or more times, this is also possible. This allows for more attention to specific parts that suit your needs. This can be a session for yourself or with yourself and your child. 


Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, we will maintain a maximum of 5 participants (adults) at the location Son en Breugel. In the Gymzaal De Koppelaar in Nederwetten, we keep a maximum of 15 participants (adults) because of the available space.

We keep a distance of 1.5 metres, disinfect the materials after each use, and we move the reservation if you answer one of the questions below in the affirmative:
- Do you have one or more of the following complaints (in the last 24 hours): cough, rhinitis, fever (38 degrees or more)?
- Do you currently have a housemate with a fever and/or complaints of tightness of the chest?
- Have you had the Coronavirus, and has it been detected within the last seven days?
- Do you have a housemate/family member with the Coronavirus, and have you had contact with them in the last 14 days while they were still experiencing symptoms?
- Are you in quarantine because you have had direct contact with someone diagnosed with the new Coronavirus?
- Have you experienced any reduction in taste and smell?